DigiLing Website Redesign

DigiLing Website Redesign

We are proud to announce that we have successfully updated the DigiLing website, so it looks more fresh and includes more information. The website redesign was part of a student project in the Localization and Translation Projects course.

Our starting point was analyzing websites of other study programs, and surveying the students about their preferences what would they like to have on their study program website. Next, we have added new features to the website, such as redesigning the subject curricula and adding information regarding mobility and master’s theses.

The existing features have been updated and reorganized, so that now the content available to you is much more cohesive, making it easier to get all the relevant information regarding your studies.

We now also have an English version for our international students, and the contents of the DigiLing section of the Faculty of Arts website have also been translated.

We hope you’ll enjoy the revamped site!