DigiLing Website Redesign

DigiLing Website Redesign We are proud to announce that we have successfully updated the DigiLing website, so it looks more fresh and includes more information. The website redesign was part of a student project in the Localization and Translation Projects course. Our starting point was analyzing websites of other study programs, and surveying the students … Continued

Video Game Localization

Video Game Localization Are you interested in how video game localization works? Then don’t miss the video prepared by a student of our program as part of the Translation Technologies course! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSiEr6QpJig

AI Tools for Academic Writing

AI Tools for Academic Writing Student project Are you also not sure which AI tool to use for a specific purpose? We have great news for you! In the course “Project in Corpus and Computational Linguistics,” conducted by Masaryk University, we have created a Padlet addressing precisely these dilemmas. More information